L.A. RECORD photos from Echo Park Rising by Samantha Saturday

Ax by Bloody Death Skull on Club Rothko Builder

So… you can make these sculptures on this website. But ya can’t take em with ya. Like others in life.

Bloody Death Skull at the Echo on July 18, when we opened for Bob Log III. Photos by Andrew Christmas.

The band consisted of Daiana (space woman), Madison Rene Knapp (she was “darkness” but mistaken for a lady in a burqa), John (war vet who never left the woods) and Bridgette (crazy lady with bird friends) of Haunted Summer, Pam Schaffer (maenad), Scott Bassmen (vampire), John Randono (wolf), Donna Suppipat (frog in a tent, not pictured) of Tommy Santee Klaws, Don Black of Ghiant (camper who was stabbed in the face or possibly a camper with ketchup on his face) and Gerard (guy with a machete). We were all things you might encounter in the forest.

Above all else, Bloody Death Skull approves of itself.

photos from Deserted At The Palms by Dirty Snapshots.

Bloody Death Skull approves of handling garments with care.

This week you can have Bloody Death Skull three different ways, served large with electrified and unusual ingredients, served light with ukuleles, or served deliciously with television.

If someone dares to break your heart, blow them up with lasers.

Bloody Death Skull does not approve of stopping evil behavior. Bloody Death Skull approves of sin zones.

Bloody Death Skull approves of wetness.